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Do you have a sore lower back? Stiff shoulders? Pain in the wrists? An overactive mind? Tight hamstrings? All of these can be addressed with the feature pose, downward facing dog. The modification I demonstrate in the video uses and strap over door handles for support. Using support is helpful during times of change, as […]


A regular routine works best for most, especially in times of flux. Although most people chafe at it, Ayurveda recommends regular sleep, waking, meal and exercise times. In short, a daily routine. This is balancing, grounding and productive and it ensures all needs are met. From experience, I have to concur. While travelling and going […]

Clarified Butter aka Ghee

Ghee is used in India both internally and externally to lubricate, ground, nurture and pacify. It has an inherently sweet taste, thus making it suitable for people and times of anxiety and stress. Use organic unsalted butter, heat it on the stove gently for about 25 minutes. When it stops crackling, it is ready. Be […]

Stop Working so Hard on Your Health and Your Job

Yet still get great results! Monday August 25 2014 at 10:13am EDST is the New Moon in August. New Moons mean time for seed planting, both for farmers and for you. Farmers are planting food at the right time for optimal yield and you can plant seeds of intention for your life with similar results. […]

Are you hot and hangry or having fun in the sun?

Use ancient wisdom from Ayurveda to stay cool Ayurveda, the Science of Life that originated in India thousands of years ago, holds that everything in nature is composed of elements and the relationship between those elements is constantly shifting. Fire and water are the elements predominant in our summer and the relationship between them is called […]